Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bob Wiseman on May 2

When Bob Wiseman called, we couldn't RESIST adding another show. This will be a really unique multimedia show with film and music. Check out more about Bob at and read about his show below!

Sunday, May 2
Doors 8:30pm, Show at 9:00pm
401 27th Street West
Please bring your own refreshments and
(if you choose) an appetizer to share.
Tickets are $15 adv and $18 at the door

Described by Ron Sexsmith as “Canada’s Tom Wait’s”, meet Canadian music phenom Bob Wiseman. This former member of The Hidden Cameras & Blue Rodeo released his first solo album in 1989 and has been taking us on a trippy multimedia ride that uplifts, provokes and entertains ever since. He has toured with Feist, Final Fantasy and guest performed with Wilco and the Wallflowers, all while using his music to serve others with his novel personal and political honesty. When you hear his music – you get the feeling that you know you’re hearing the truth. It just resonates.
Wise man indeed…

re: his movies
"So simple, so brilliant" GUY MADDIN

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Good Lovelies on April 6

Tues, April 6
Doors 7pm, Show 7:30
401 27th Street West
Please bring your own refreshments and (if you choose) an appetizer to share.

Our great friends, The Good Lovelies are one of my favorite live shows to witness. Vintage sounding harmonies with a modern twist, Kerri, Caroline and Sue are funny and engaging to boot. This is a show you'll love! Here's more:
Armed with a pile of instruments, a repertoire of sassy and sophisticated songs and an effervescent sense of humour they never fail to charm even the toughest audiences.

The aptly named Good Lovelies are Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough and Sue Passmore, all of them best friends and refugees from solo careers. Described as "flirty-bluegrass" and "the mischievous Andrews Sisters" the Toronto-based trio rely on unerring three-part vocal harmonies, clever songs and, onstage, convulsively funny repartee.

The trio started as a group almost three years ago. Since then, they have quit their jobs, completed four successful cross-Canada Tours, played countless clubs and coffee houses and released a five-track EP with the playful single, and CBC Radio favourite 'Taboo.'

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Twilight Hotel on March 10


Brandy and Dave are amazing players, singers and songwriters who will have you mesmerized for this show. I first saw them at the Trout Forest Music Festival a couple years ago, and they blew us away! Visit their website at: Read more about them below.

2009 JUNO Nominees, Twilight Hotel, is the musical partnership of Brandy Zdan & Dave Quanbury. Together they possess an elusive chemistry and a musical flavor that has been hard to define by their fans. “Sublime harmonies, stellar songwriting and dark, vintage vibes” as described by Performing Songwriter Magazine. Zdan on a ’62 Harmony Rocket, ’57 Silvertone Lap Steel and Honer Accordion, and Quanbury on the upside down 30’s Parlour guitar, homemade stomp box along with a 40’s Stratoliner Vintage Microphone. They can be seen accompanied by a rotating door of ‘junkyard’ percussionists adding to their characteristic dark twang and noir cabaret. They just recorded their 3rd album in Los Angeles, CA with Mavis Staples rhythm section consisting of Stephen Hodges and Jeff Turmas.

Monday, November 9, 2009

These Hands on Feb 26 with CBC Radio

Join CBC Radio and be part of our live radio audience at the ‘Hayloft’ in Saskatoon for an intimate concert recording with
local performer ‘These Hands’.

Friday, Feb 26, 2009
Doors at 7pm
Show at 7:30pm
The Hayloft
401 27th St W

‘These Hands’ aka Michael Hanson is a solo Saskatoon musician who sings, plays guitar and electronic music. Michael’s music explores the mellow side of rock, and he prides himself on penning thought-provoking and personal lyrics.

Michael was born in Prince Albert, but for the past 5 years he’s called Saskatoon home. He’s actively involved in the city’s music and visual arts scenes. He’s also travelled further a field as a musician with tours in both western and eastern Canada.

The Pop Montreal festival has featured ‘These Hands’ 3 years running, and Michael was also selected for their compilation CD. As well, Michael was featured on SaskMusic's 2010 CD, a compilation disc highlighting Saskatchewan talent.

’These Hands’ has released three CDs. The latest – Home is Everywhere – was released last year with funding from the Saskatchewan Arts Board. It will be for sale at the show.

Performer web link:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Deep Dark Woods

On November 20, we'll have Plan 9 films visiting the Hayloft to tape an episode of their outstanding television series, the neighbor's dog. The subject of their next taping? Why none other than WCMA Roots Group Recording winners The Deep Dark Woods. Along with their haunting sound and beautiful arrangements, The Deep Dark Woods feature poetic lyrics described as "startling as hot blood in fresh snow"(CBC Radio 3).

The Deep Dark Woods' newest release "Winter Hours" is a collection of their best recordings yet. Working with Juno award winning producer/musician Steve Dawson at "The Factory" in Vancouver, they managed to truly bring out an energy that the new songs deserved, recording the album live off the floor. What was created was an album full of raw emotion, sadness, beautiful vocals and harmonies, new sounds, and well thought out arrangements."Winter Hours" represents the ever changing sound of the band, and a step forward from their latest Black Hen release "Hang Me, oh Hang Me"(WCMA Nominated).

Be sure to watch the neighbor's dog to catch The Hayloft on tv!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

JD Edwards and Jesse Harvey

Saturday, December 5

It's been a busy fall and we're really excited to head into the holiday season with an outstanding house concert. The JD Edwards Band, is sometimes a five-piece electric folk-rock experience and other times it is a laid back acoustic group that is quickly becoming a ripple in the Canadian music scene. Now, with more songs than you can shake a drum stick at, JD Edwards has been unleashing his energetic original repertoire across Canada. Already, in the infancy of the group, they have played with some of Canada's finest, including Hawksley Workman and The New Meanies.

“…The night began with J.D. Edwards, a solo guitar player with a voice so intense you can see the passion of music he has flowing out of him. With J.D., you could tell he played with his whole body and soul…” (Gabby D’Angelo, The Argus)

We're very grateful to Vive Music for their help in co-organizing this show and can't wait to see you all back at the Hayloft!

Saturday, December 5 - The Hayloft / 401 27th Streer West / Doors at 7:30pm, Music starts at 8:00pm. BYOB and (if you choose) an appetizer to share!

Please let us know! We need volunteers to hellp out at shows (in exchange for attendance at the concert) and have a sponsorship program. If you can't come to a show, but would like to support this cultural scene, buy a ticket and we'll distribute it to low income music fans through the International Women of Saskatoon! Email Carrie for information.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Wednesday, August 5


I know it's been a busy summer, but this is truly a concert you won't want to miss. It is such an honor to have LAL performing at the Hayloft next week! Many of you may not know this group, but they are world-class musicians traveling to the Regina Folk Festival and amazingly, we've convinced them to stop at the Hayloft! Be sure to get tickets fast!

Sam Mitchell and Arlan Kopp will be opening the show, making for a truly unforgettable night of music!

Wed, Aug 5 - The Hayloft
401 27th Street West
7pm, Music starts at 7:30pm
BYOB and (if you choose) an appetizer to share!

Please let us know! We need volunteers to help out at shows (in exchange for attendance at the concert) and have a sponsorship program. If you can't come to a show, but would like to support this cultural scene, buy a ticket and we'll distribute it to low income music fans through the International Women of Saskatoon! Email Carrie for information.


Vocalist and poet Rosina Kazi and producer Murr first began collaborating on music as LAL in 1998, mucking about with tons of gear and wild poetics. In the early 00s, they created two politically charged critically-acclaimed albums, Corners (2002) and Warm Belly High Power (2004), the latter earning the distinction of ‘2004’s Best Soul Album’ by Canadian music bible Exclaim! Magazine.

Relentless touring across Canada and Europe and growing press attention followed, and accomplished bassist Ian de Souza joined the fray. Inspired by the events surrounding Sept.11, 2001 and its fallout -- the rise of a cloaked surveillance state, thicker lines drawn around who is “legal” and who is “not”, and most particularly by the fate of several deported friends, LAL created their most provocative and fully-realized album to date, Deportation (2008).

It is a personal treatise on migration and movement, a challenge to militarism, dangerous love, and the stories of those silenced by (il)legality, all threaded together with dub poetry, soul, folk, roots, jazz and a definitive dancefloor aesthetic. Their dynamic live show is a testament to the glorious exploration of the depths of humanism – building community while ripping apart words, notes, and rhythms, eyes open to the injustice that burrows deep into the fabric of society, and hearts burning with the fire for justice for all.

July concerts

Tuesday, July 14
KID'S SHOW featuring Carrie Catherine, Jen Lane, and John Antoniuk

On July 14, we filled the Hayloft with kids for a concert, recorded by Shaw TV for future broadcast. We had cookies, licorice and juice (no beers and pretzels this time around)--and totally destroyed the Hayloft. It was great! Thanks to our amazing audience of parents and kids, all very well-behaved and captivated by the music!

Wednesday, July 22


Leona Theis is a local author, who started the evening off with such a captivating reading that she sold out of books at the show! Her publisher, Jack Pine Press, came and set up shop, showcasing their beautiful books. Jack Pine publishes small runs of handbound chapbooks by Canadian writers and artists.

The night continued with a stunning performance by Patrick Brealey and Rob Fenton. Info on Patrick Brealey: "With heartfelt honesty & tongue-in-cheek humour, singer-songwriter Patrick Brealey delivers lyrically driven songs that roam between theatrical alt-country and roots based blues with rhythms ranging from rollicking to reserved." Patrick is on a Western Canadian tour promoting his new album. The crowd was blown away by his show and excellent sideman, Rob Fenton!

Photographer Candace Epp adorned the walls of the Hayloft with her photography! So it was a visual extravaganza as well!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Neighbors Dog

Friends of ours at Plan9 films in Saskatoon have created an outstanding television series called The Neighbors Dog. The series takes viewers into 13 different house concerts with incredible musicians including John Mann, Nathan, Little Miss Higgins, Tom Wilson, and more. I usually don't like watching music on television, but I have to admit that the art direction is beautiful, the sound is great, and the folks at Plan9 have found a way to give viewers a whole new way of experiencing music performances. I love it.

On June 20, Plan9Films came to The Hayloft to host their launch party. We had delicious food by Cafe Secreta, wine, and watched some excerpts from The Neighbors Dog. And to honor the occasion, we even had a short house concert featuring The New Meanies. We literally blew the roof off the Hayloft (as the police will attest) and it was well worth it.

I'm telling everyone I know to visit the website of The Neighbors Dog, and catch an episode! The first 2 episodes will air at 10:00pm CST July 8, 2009 on SCN. (SCN is available on cable in Saskatchewan and Manitoba as well as Bell TV satellite service, on channel 266, and on Star Choice Channel 352).

Here are some pics from the launch party!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Performing at the Hayloft with CBC Canada Live

See more stories at
In a moment of self-indulgence, I booked myself a show at my own venue, The Hayloft, where I usually host a series of house concerts for friends of mine traveling through Saskatoon. So the show felt a bit like I was throwing my own surprise party.

Then I got a call from Bonnie Austring-Winter saying CBC wanted to record the show for Canada Live. This was the perfect excuse to assemble a whole band for the occasion and pull out all the stops! Hal Schrenk (percussion) and Soren Nissen (double bass) joined Sam (flute/mandolin) and I for the show. I haven't played with a band for awhile, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't really that excited about working with a band (for another upcoming show) until I thought of working with these guys. True enough, they were really great. Seemed like magic.

Out of the blue, I received an email from Saskatoon's fiddle sensation (as I like to call him) Karrnnel. Call it serendipity. I asked Karrnnel to open the show and join our merry little band.

The show sold out fast, and we had scores of people waiting for tickets. So at the last minute, we added another show on Friday. Tamila Chapman-McLean of took some pictures at the Hayloft and The Star Phoenix ran a great story on the upcoming shows. Local artist Jillian Cyca hung her work for the occasion.

photo by

The place was totally packed. I hung out in the green room as my merry band of helpers (thanks to Curtis Olson, Jayne Horachek, Marty Olson, Lynn Nellis, Peter Olson and more not to mention the CBC) busted around, broke out more chairs, and squeezed in our beautiful audience. The show was so much fun. Playing with the band was magic! And I'll be sure to let you know when CBC makes it all available. It'll be heard on SoundXchange, Canada Live and Concerts on Demand.

The CBC's massive mobile studio parked next to our house earns suspicious looks from the neighbors:

Soundcheck at the Hayloft:

My awesome brother-in-law Marty Olson takes tickets at the door:

Karrnnel starts the night off:

Soren Nissen on bass:

Sam makes a surprising entrance, emerging from The Hayloft for his kazoo solo:

I'm feeling tremendously grateful right now this house concert venue of ours, the people beautiful that come to fill it, the musicians that I get to play with, support of the CBC, and from my community. Thanks everyone!

Be sure to come to the next house concert: Patrick Brealey on July 22 and LAL on Aug 5.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 4 with The Stilletto Chick

On June 4, Betty-Ann Heggie (aka The Stilletto Chick) delivered an inspiring talk on "Womentorship" to a diverse group of women at the Hayloft. Andrew Peller sponsored the wine, and we had tasty appetizers provided by party-thrower extraordinaire, Jayne Horachek. And the ticket proceeds went to the International Women of Saskatoon.

Betty-Ann has reinvented herself more times than Madonna – from beer rep to bellydancer to corporate executive, and now to Stilletto Chick. A member of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women Hall of Fame, Betty-Ann is now using her experiences to mentor and inspire women in the working world. Check out her blog!

During the event, we were privileged to have artwork by Jillian Cyca. Here's a detail shot of one of her works, but please visit her website and see it for yourself.

May 12 Richard Carnegie, Matt Epp, Ann Vriend


RICHARD CARNEGIE, Conversations with my double bass
The performances of double bassist/spoken word artist Richard Carnegie are the one night stand between a poetry slam and the classical avante garde that have turned into an unlikely but loving relationship. Richard has recently been spending less time with Bach and a little more time exploring the small but rich repertoire of music for solo double bass with simultaneous narration. Performing May 12th at "The Hayloft", Richard will premiere his new composition "Requiem for Radio and Radio Dramas" as well as performing audience favourites "B.B. Wolf" and "Failing".

Elle magazine claims “Ann Vriend sings with the heart-stopping intensity of Aretha Franklin, plays piano with the ease of Norah Jones and writes songs as powerful in their simplicity as those of Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen.” Performing with Ann is Matt Epp:"Not unlike Ryan Adams, Epp has this weighty pitch that travels right to the core, and can either make your heart feel incredibly heavy or lift you right to your feet. If you like music, you'll like this."- Jared Story (UPTOWN magazine review A+)


FOR THIS SHOW, WE FEATURED VISUAL ART BY MATT PROCTOR. When I introduced his work to the audience, there was an audible gasp of appreciation! For more information about Matt and the Sherbrook Community Centre (where Matt lives), visit their website.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hayloft is featured in Saskatoon Home

Here's a few images shot by Jimmy Oneschuk or the Saskatoon Home Magazine, Spring Issue. The magazine is hitting the streets this next week but if you can't wait, wander down to Museo Coffee at the Mendel Art Gallery or Caffe Sola on 23rd and Pacific for advance copies...and grab a latte while you're there.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Claire Jenkins - Aug 2008

Curtis claims that he works best under pressure. Still, in the winter of 2008, when Claire contacted me to see if I could help her land a show in Saskatoon, he thought we would be moved in in plenty of time for August. So we booked the show, and we had a deadline.

That is how we developed the theme for our first house concert: "under construction." When the band arrived to set up, there was scaffolding in the open living room and Curt had his head under the sink, finishing up some plumbing work. We hadn't moved in yet, but found mattresses enough to offer the band. Claire Jenkins has the honor of breaking in the shower. Amazing night. Lots of wine.


A shared vision of developer and designer Curtis P. Olson and singer/songwriter Carrie Catherine, the Hayloft is a house, office, studio and venue located in Caswell Hill, Saskatoon. (To witness the transformation of this space from 1930s Safeway store into modern, sustainable live/work space and venue, visit

Inspired by Graeme Patterson's art exhibition Woodrow, the Hayloft pays homage to iconic buildings that are fast disappearing from the Saskatchewan prairie: the grain elevator, barn, and grain silo. And those historic structures are infused with a modern sensibility and beautiful textured materials.

It's the perfect setting for a house concert, where friends come together and--in this playful, creative, intimate space--witness art and music that inspires. So far, we've had Kelly Jo Burke tell stories, Peter Katz perform music, and Claire Jenkins avec band!

Carrie Catherine is a touring songwriter, and Curtis has been a road warrior as well--so the house concert series grew out of a desire to put up their friends (touring musicians) and get them a gig while they're in town. We'd love to hear from musicians and/or folks in Saskatoon who are interested in coming out to a show!