Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Claire Jenkins - Aug 2008

Curtis claims that he works best under pressure. Still, in the winter of 2008, when Claire contacted me to see if I could help her land a show in Saskatoon, he thought we would be moved in in plenty of time for August. So we booked the show, and we had a deadline.

That is how we developed the theme for our first house concert: "under construction." When the band arrived to set up, there was scaffolding in the open living room and Curt had his head under the sink, finishing up some plumbing work. We hadn't moved in yet, but found mattresses enough to offer the band. Claire Jenkins has the honor of breaking in the shower. Amazing night. Lots of wine.


A shared vision of developer and designer Curtis P. Olson and singer/songwriter Carrie Catherine, the Hayloft is a house, office, studio and venue located in Caswell Hill, Saskatoon. (To witness the transformation of this space from 1930s Safeway store into modern, sustainable live/work space and venue, visit

Inspired by Graeme Patterson's art exhibition Woodrow, the Hayloft pays homage to iconic buildings that are fast disappearing from the Saskatchewan prairie: the grain elevator, barn, and grain silo. And those historic structures are infused with a modern sensibility and beautiful textured materials.

It's the perfect setting for a house concert, where friends come together and--in this playful, creative, intimate space--witness art and music that inspires. So far, we've had Kelly Jo Burke tell stories, Peter Katz perform music, and Claire Jenkins avec band!

Carrie Catherine is a touring songwriter, and Curtis has been a road warrior as well--so the house concert series grew out of a desire to put up their friends (touring musicians) and get them a gig while they're in town. We'd love to hear from musicians and/or folks in Saskatoon who are interested in coming out to a show!