Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A shared vision of developer and designer Curtis P. Olson and singer/songwriter Carrie Catherine, the Hayloft is a house, office, studio and venue located in Caswell Hill, Saskatoon. (To witness the transformation of this space from 1930s Safeway store into modern, sustainable live/work space and venue, visit

Inspired by Graeme Patterson's art exhibition Woodrow, the Hayloft pays homage to iconic buildings that are fast disappearing from the Saskatchewan prairie: the grain elevator, barn, and grain silo. And those historic structures are infused with a modern sensibility and beautiful textured materials.

It's the perfect setting for a house concert, where friends come together and--in this playful, creative, intimate space--witness art and music that inspires. So far, we've had Kelly Jo Burke tell stories, Peter Katz perform music, and Claire Jenkins avec band!

Carrie Catherine is a touring songwriter, and Curtis has been a road warrior as well--so the house concert series grew out of a desire to put up their friends (touring musicians) and get them a gig while they're in town. We'd love to hear from musicians and/or folks in Saskatoon who are interested in coming out to a show!


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