Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Deep Dark Woods

On November 20, we'll have Plan 9 films visiting the Hayloft to tape an episode of their outstanding television series, the neighbor's dog. The subject of their next taping? Why none other than WCMA Roots Group Recording winners The Deep Dark Woods. Along with their haunting sound and beautiful arrangements, The Deep Dark Woods feature poetic lyrics described as "startling as hot blood in fresh snow"(CBC Radio 3).

The Deep Dark Woods' newest release "Winter Hours" is a collection of their best recordings yet. Working with Juno award winning producer/musician Steve Dawson at "The Factory" in Vancouver, they managed to truly bring out an energy that the new songs deserved, recording the album live off the floor. What was created was an album full of raw emotion, sadness, beautiful vocals and harmonies, new sounds, and well thought out arrangements."Winter Hours" represents the ever changing sound of the band, and a step forward from their latest Black Hen release "Hang Me, oh Hang Me"(WCMA Nominated).

Be sure to watch the neighbor's dog to catch The Hayloft on tv!

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